Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really for Free? Is there any catch to it?

That is the best part, there is no catch to it. As long as you do not need more than 1.5 hours of work a month, it will stay forever Free for you.

Who is going to do my work?

You should not be surprised you will be working directly with me, founder of Ruby Mule, since this is a one-man show. I do over 90% of work myself, but during unusual work spikes, I might hire other Ruby developers from my network of people, to help with a workload. Regardless of this, you will always be dealing directly with me, and have meetings with me. I guarantee and personally review all the code to ensure it conforms to the highest standards required in such a case.

Where are you based out of?

My company RubySoft, Inc. is incorporated in the US state of Delaware. I am physically based within the Central European time zone. My typical working hours are Monday to Friday between 10 am and 12 pm CET. This gives me a very good overlap with European as well as both Eastern and Pacific US time zones.

This is an agency and a service, so you can not expect that I will do the work on the same schedule as you. What you can expect is that I will always be available for a meeting during the stated hour period.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Yes, all the payments are handled safely and securely by Stripe. Stripe is a 100% trustworthy partner when it comes to handling payments. All the transactions are performed over secure connection on Stripe's own domain, so credit card details never touch my server.

Why does it require me to use a credit card for a Free plan?

This is the measure to prevent scammer and spammer bots from abusing the service. And to filter the real traffic and real requests from the spammy ones. Having a valid credit card is a pretty good indicator that you are a real human being and not a scamming or spamming bot.

If you subscribe to Free plan, your card will never be charged. It is a zero dollar transaction. This is also to make it easier for you to upgrade in the future to one of the paid plans if you ever need more than five hours a month of work done. You can always upgrade, downgrade, cancel or pause your subscription through Stripe dashboard.

Is this a scam? Are you a scammer?

Absolutely not. My name is Dusan(cyrillic: Душан). I was born 41 years ago on the 9th of November 1983, in Kragujevac, Serbia. I graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology in 2008. That same year I landed my first job as an intern on a J1 visa, for a company in Manchester, New Hampshire. That moment marks the beginning of my professional career.

Since the beginning I have been working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. During this period I helped over a dozen different companies with their projects. Although I did not use GitHub exclusively all the time, because I also used Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub Enterprise, and even SVN and Mercurial, to do my clients’ work, my GitHub account nevertheless existed since 2010.

Are you going to get overbooked and overworked this way?

Ruby is not a mainstream programming language and Rails is not a mainstream web framework. Some people even call it obscure. My typical customers are single non-technical founders and owners of successful businesses utilizing Ruby applications and websites. These people and companies usually have no permanent, full-time, Ruby developer on board, and only occasionally need help from a Ruby professional. My highest subscription plan is rarely sold. Contrary to what you might believe, there are not so many people who fit this description of my ideal customer. This is a bespoke service catering to a select few. Plus, I am not working full-time for any single client, which allows me to service all my clients at the moment and handle the current workload.

Once it gets to its full capacity I will stop accepting new subscriptions. So hurry up, the number of seats available is limited.